International merchants from most countries in the world including USA, UK, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singpore, Malasia, Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East and India can accept payments via Internet websites.

Panalink is an accredited partner of World Pay, Europe's leading credit card company which provides customer accounts to over 90% of global applicants in less than 48 hours as well as multi-currency credit card payment services.

Multi-currency international credit card processing:

The multi-currency international merchant credit card payments processing system from WorldPay enables you to offer your products and services in over 169 different currencies and to receive payment for them from the range of 24 remittance currencies. WorldPay manages the uncertainty of foreign exchange rates for you.

WorldPay Credit card solution:

The single currency credit card payment processing solution is directly linked to a range of bank processing systems. Secure links provide rapid authorization of a shopper's transaction, confirmation to both you and your shopper, and real-time access to our online reporting system, CMS. The benefits of our single currency credit card payment solution include:

  • Rapid approval
  • A choice of 24 currencies to transact in
  • Sterling only processing also available through all major processing UK banks if you have a pre-existing internet customer account with your bank
  • Easy to integrate with any web site
  • Full access to online statements

International merchants from anywhere in the world can accept credit cards for collecting payments. Panalink welcomes international merchants from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malasia, India, China, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand

Integrate credit card facility with your web site

Our software developemnt team can integrate credit card accepting facilities from any provider like Click Bank, World Pay, CCAvenue, ICICI ... with your website design.

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